10 000 USD for a Bitcoin – How Realistic It Is?

Michael Novogratz, a billionaire private investor and a former Wall Street giant, is very optimistic about bitcoin future. According to his forecast, within maximum 6-9 months, the price of one bitcoin will reach 10 000 USD, maybe that’s why he is launching now a 500 mln USD worth cryptofund. 150 mln of USD he has invested there himself. Hence, he is one of the early investors in bitcoin, Ethereum, and other ICOs.
Why so? Michael isn’t the only huge investor, he has already mentioned, as a reference, some more giant investors who will be working with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That could influence the cryptocurrency value growth as well.
When asked if he doesn’t think that bitcoin is just a bubble, he responded though that we usually call bubbles all that changes our way of life. Blockchain revolution will change our way of life.
Bitcoin will be the hardest player due to its high price, though other cryptocurrencies may easily be available for common users in everyday life.

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