10,000 Barrier is Over – Bitcoin Made It!

Bitcoin has passed all barriers and now is worth 10,000 USD. After a week of consolidation around 8,000USD, bitcoin moved forward and finally reached the forecasted price of 10,000USD, right before the Thanksgiving day!
Bitcoin has had not just a good but an amazing year. The starting price was 1,000 USD, and the price now, even though the year hasn’t ended yet and who knows how it ends. The growth of this cryptocurrency is backed up by a rapid inflow of investors, widespreading acceptance and huge trading volumes.
The year 2017 could be called a bitcoin-year, due to a number of reasons. The year has been filled with bitcoin events that were highlighted in numerous announcements. This has led to immense growth of bitcoin hedging funds and the number of investors. Bitcoin became the main investment of the financial world, and the big bankers simply cannot stay quiet and ignore the digital coin, doesn’t matter they love it or hate it.
For now, bitcoin is being accepted by more and more countries, hence, we shall expect further growth of the digital coin price.

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