2017 – Bitcoin Year?

2017 could be called a bitcoin year, due to a number of reasons. Basically, this year helped bitcoin to move to a completely different stage – to move into the masses. Even though we cannot speak about it on transaction and investment level, as not the digital coin costs too much for that, though in terms of awareness, many more people know now about bitcoin because of its immense price growth.
Bitcoin brought the feeling of stability for investors from developing countries, as they cannot count on the national currency, while bitcoin has proven itself as a reliable currency which price is growing rapidly and constantly.
In Google search bitcoin has occupied the first ranks, which is a clear evidence that people are searching information abut bitcoin, as much as possible. People are getting more and more interested, hence, bitcoin is worth efforts.
Delight-cards of miners are in more and more demand, due to the increase in bitcoin mining and bitcoin mining hardware. Let us remind that delight cards are the cards that are needed to help the miners to solve the cryptographic puzzles.
Some sold their luxury items like Bentley to buy bitcoins.
Bitcoin got the approval and support from celebrities.
More and more popular media are devoting their news to bitcoin.
This is just a short list to prove that we can call 2017 the bitcoin year, and that will be the total truth!

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