2018 – What It Brings to ICOs

ICOs have had a really very successful year behind! Fiat has been raised equal to 4 bln USD. The number of tokens that have successfully entered the financial market increased to hundreds. Traditional IPOs have raised more than 180 bln USD. In third quarter 2017, venture capital deals reached the sum of 42 bln.
The numbers are rather impressive.
Why so?
The reasons are very simple. ICOs and cryptocurrencies use the basics of the funding methods. They bring equality to projects from both favourable and less favourable regions, they don’t rob the founders, they, speaking more artistically, bring stability to regions where national currency doesn’t have value, or to countries where there is no national currency, like, say, Palestine.
They avoided the intermediary, hence, avoiding the fact that the intermediary, instead of the investor, for example, will get the main share of the profit.
Even though cryptocurrencies are a great option for fraudsters, though people are willing to risk in hope for good profit. Moreover, many have already profited from investing in, say, bitcoin.

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