250,000 UDS Bounties for the Hacker`s Arrest – Offer from Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange. Recently, it has announced, that it will give 250,oooUSD in bounties for everyone who helps to arrest the hackers involved in the incident that took place on the 7th of March.

The first person that provides any kind of information that results in the arrest of any of the hackers will get the bounties for the above mentioned sum. If there will be several people, the bounty offers may be divided between them.

Binance administration declared, that, if we want to create a safe crypto-community, we cannot just defend our funds. We shall be actively opposing to crypto-crime, with all means that are available.

Moreover, the cryptoexchange will allot about 10 mln USD in bounties for future cases. To be able to give awards for any information provided about hackers in case there will be future attacks. Cyber safety depends on users and their activities – explain the representatives of the exchange.

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