5.9Mln Petros a New Bubble from Venezuelan President?

Venezuelan opposition called the crypto-money emitted by the current president a scam.
If they have any reasons to claim that?
The cryptocurrency has to take the status of the national cryptocurrency of the country, and it had to be backed up by oil. The initial value should be 5.9 bln, though during the last meeting in the TV, Nicolas Maduro announced about 100 mln. Though the rest of conditions stayed the same. The crypto-currency has to have the status of the state currency, with all the consequences.
Though the backing up with Venezuelan oil, to which the president refers, seems to be the biggest scam. Experts tell that the price of exported oil for the previous week was just 59USD. So, it is strange how the president is going to give any guarantees based on such asset.
There is one more opinion about the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, a sceptic one as well. Reuters insists that the introduction of oil backed up currency is the direct way to sell oil and one more solution for corrupted politicians.

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