5% Of General Volume of Monero Was Mined Through a Malware

Palo Alto Networks, a network and enterprise security company, reports, that the test have shown, that 5% of the Monero, that is in circulation now, has been mined with a malware.
The mining was done via cryptojacking. This term is sued for unauthorized power using of other computers, via a malware. This is classified as a cyber crime, as the computer owners don’t give their authorization for the unsolicited actions.
470 000 miners were identified within the network who have been using cryptojacking. How do you like the number? Almost half a million.
According to the report, Monero is a leader in the list of cryptocurrencies mined via a malware. The equivalent of 175 mln USD were mined maliciously, and Monero`s market cap is 1,9 bln USD. So, 5% of the cryptocurrency that is in circulation now, is mined in a malicious way.
Moreover, the more frightening the data is, as it doesn’t include web miners and many other miners which cannot be accessed by the system. Otherwise, the number of cryptojackers would be much higher.
For now, the single case is opened in regard of this crime – Japanese police started investigation into a case of monero cryptojacking with Coinhive mining software. The security team has discovered that thousands of computers were infected with the malware, including the one for monero mining. From their side, monero developing team has promised users, that they will do all possible to protect the coin reputation and to prevent such cases in future.

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