50 Luxury Apartments Are Sold For Bitcoin In Dubai

According to report by Business Insider published 10 February, two British founders of the “Ultimo” lingerie brand baroness Michelle Mone and her business partner Douglas Barrowman – have sold 50 luxury apartments in UAE (Dubai) in order to put on offer for Bitcoin in September 2017. Two entrepreneurs of the project, promised to offer 150 out of the 1,300 apartments that comprise luxury development Aston Plaza and Residences for Bitcoin.

Michelle Mone and her business partner said that 50 of those apartments have already been sold by February 2018. Also pair added that some of the buyers bought two apartments, and one person purchased ten of them.

The price of proposal on the apartments in Bitcoin varies from $130,000 (equal to 15.5 bitcoins) a piece to $380,000 (roughly, 45 bitcoins).

According to CNBC last September, two entrepreneurs firstly laid to sell 150 apartments for Bitcoin, which was the “first major development of this size” to be available for buying in a virtual currency. Barrowman noted that they still get requests but they have not yet produced another party of developments.

Business Insider informed about the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Mone’s and Barrowman’s Equi, a virtual channel (VC) of investment platform based on Ethereum.

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