7-Asset Cryptocurrency Exchange in Japan

DMM Group, a Japanese e-commerce giant, has launched own cryptocurrency exchange, called DMM Bitcoin.
In September 2017, DMM started with mining activities, and on the 11th of Januare was announced the official opening of the cryptocurrency exchange. Now, the exchange offers 7 cryptocurrencies for trading, in 14 trading pairs.
The potential basis of DMM Bitcon is very big, those are all 27 mln DMM customers. Moreover, along with bitcoin, the exchange offers services on Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, NEM, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash.
The company promises benefits for its customers, and with the exchange opening, Japan is moving forward with its status as a regulated cryptocurrency hub.
Over the last six years cryptocurrency is becoming a huge part of the business in Japan, and with the regulation, it is becoming even more promising. As well, Japanese are conscious about advantages that bitcoin and cryptocurrency may bring to economy of the country if they are handled properly. In Japan, they are handled properly.

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