A Crypto-Mining CEO Escapes with 35 mln of Company and Investors Funds

The CEO of Sky Mining, a Vietnamese cryptocurrency mining firm, disappeared with the funds of the company and its investors. The sum of the money stolen is about 35 mln USD.

Le Minh Tam escaped a week ago, before, he came just to pick up the assets of the company. He hasn’t been found yet, however, local media announced, that he expressed his apologies to investors and the company staff in his post in facebook.

Tam as well recommended investors to go to the company`s office to get back their money, after that, he has an intention to start the bankruptcy procedure. However, when the investors, did so, they discovered, that the company`s headquarters are closed.

As well, the company`s miners, located separately, were taken away by some people, claiming that they are going to perform some maintenance works.

Le Minh Hieu, the deputy chairman of the company, has already formed the committee to assess the company losses and check the ways to compensate the investors their losses. He declared, that they have already filed a complaint to the police, after that did some of the investors.

We remind as well, that this event happens just after a while after one of the biggest ponzi schemes was discovered, when many people suffered after investing more than 660 mln USD in a pseudo-ICO offering.

For now, the Vietnamese authorities imposed a ban on any cryptocurrency related activities in the country.

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