Again about Bitcoin Bubble

About bitcoin bubble have been talking many people, some of them are rather influential in the financial world.
Jon Rogers, a founder of the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) and the guru of investing told once more, that he sees bitcoin as not more than a bubble.
Rogers by the way has a very specific opinion about bitcoin. First of all, the guru is 75 years old now and he isn’t too aware of bitcoin. Though whatever it is, according to his words, he has already missed it. It doesn’t mean though that he has been regretting about the lost opportunity, he is rather convinced that “bitcoin is the same bubble as I have seen during all my life”. Hence, bullish movement of bitcoin is a bubble as well.
While other analysts trust in bitcoin. Ronnie Moas on contrary has forecasted that bitcoin price would reach 14 000 USD very soon, and it doesn’t look like a financial bubble at all. Most specialists agree with him, though they see further bitcoin development not just in the price increase but in the increase of market capitalization, as now, bitcoin takes only 0,2% of the market, which is very low.

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