An Indictment Has Been Filed Against a Man in Israel over an Alleged Theft of $9 Million Worth of Dash

On April 18, it was reported by local media News 1 that Afek Zard was indicted in Israel after being accused of stealing 74,990.74 Dash from Alexei Yaromenko, Zard’s roommate. This amount is equivalent to more than $9 million, and represents over 0.85% of the total supply of Dash worldwide.

Yaromenko was, according to the media report, an early cryptocurrency investor. Over the period of 6 years, he had been accumulating crypto assets. Being roommates, Yaromenko introduced Zard to the world of crytocurriencies. Zard started trading cryptocurrencies, before he decided to commit the alleged theft against Yaromenko.

Attorney Giora Hazan filed the indictment, in which it is claimed that Zard had a key to Yaromenko’s apartment. This key, the indictment document alleges, was used by Zard to gain access to Yaromenko’s apartment while the latter was not at home. The stolen coins were in Yaaromenko’s wallet until March 1.

On that date, each Dash was worth $82.5. But it was on that day that Zard allegedly used Yaromenko’s computer and stole the credentials of the crypto wallets. Then, the prosecutors claim that Zard sent the aforementioned assets to four of his own wallets. It is not clear whether Zard acted alone or with the help of others. Now, Zard is facing several charges that include theft in aggravated circumstances.

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