Android Update: Nano Android Wallet Is not Recommended to Use due to a Security Flaw

An important update from Android. Those who possess cryptocurrency and are using the new Nano wallet should leave it immediately and transfer their funds to other storage means. There was discovered a security vulnerability, according to the tweet that Nano shared yesterday, on the 21st of June.
Nano has been released just some time ago, and it was developed to use with the main OSs: iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux. However, the wallet survived just some hours before being pulled.
There is still no official statement from developers, in which they would announce the infavorable news, however, their tweet is already there. Moreover, the developers insist that the vulnerability has been localized and cannot affect other wallets in any way. They claim, as well, than a patch for the Nanon vulnerability will be released soon, so, users are asked not to transfer their funds there just as a temporary measure.

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