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Tim Draper Believes, Bitcoin Legalization Will Improve Argentinian Economy

Tim Draper, a known crypto-bull, has advised the president of Argentina to legalize bitcoin asap. According to the cryptocurrency investor met with the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri to discuss the suggestion. During the meeting Draper spoke about great potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology and of those advantages that the technology can bring

Switzerland is Set to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The Swiss Federal Assembly has approved a motion that aims at regulating cryptocurrencies .The motion seeks to instruct the Federal Council to make changes to current legislation in order to implement cryptocurrency regulation. The Swiss Federal Assembly is the legislative branch of the Swiss government. It was Giovanni Merlini, a Liberal member of the Assembly,

Renewable Energy, Crypto-Mining and New Missoula Regulation

Mining is an energy-consuming business. That’s why some organizations make efforts to reduce the energy expenses by all possible means. The administration of Missoula County in Montana, the USA, have discussed the regulation of crypto–mining in the county and came to some conclusions. In the website of the county now can be found two drafts

Stellar Foundation Hires Former Mozilla COO as Its New CEO

Denelle Dixon, former chief operating officer (COO) at IT non-profit company Mozilla, has been appointed CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), another non-profit organization. The appointment was announced via a press release on March 14. Dixon is replacing Jed McCaleb, who is now in the position of chief architect, in which

Interoperability and Scalability Standards for Blockchains Are Needed

The introduction of interoperability and scalability standards will help greatly to develop blockchain technology. This is the main claim made in a recent report to European Union. The publisher of this report is the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, and was released on March 6 with the title “Scalability, Interoperability and Sustainability of Blockchains.”