Baidu, the Chinese Google, Will Release Interstellar Blockchain Game

A search engine Baidu that is used instead of Google in China, has developed a blockchain based game called “Du Yuzhou” (The universe). Users who are playing are going to get elements with the help of which they can use to build own planets. The game is blockchain based.
The platform has already announced the interplanetary journey, and the game itself is described as a magical world created from rarest elements. Each user is going to build an own planet to be able to explore it.
When the game launches, users are going to receive 100 random elements. Later, users can gain more elements by performing different activities. With the elements, users will build and expand their planets and increase their options for enrichment and unlicking new functions.
Earlier, the platform has released a new blockchain protocol aimed at the reduction of mining energy consumption. All projects are patented.

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