Bank of England Insists that Bitcoin does not Pose any Danger to Global Economy

Bitcoin was called in different ways, both positive and negative. It was even called the danger to global economy, as it eventually has to break all rules in the financial world (that may be the truth in the end) and to put the world in chaos.
Though, the Bank of England calms investors and ordinary citizens insisting that bitcoin can be anything but the danger to the world economy.
Sir John Cunliffe, Deputy Governor of Bank of England, insists that bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, does not pose any danger neither to the world economy nor to ay other economy at all.
The digital coin now costs 11,000 USD, though that fact doesn’t persuade Sir John, who is still insisting that bitcoin is something too small to be able to endanger anything, and investors who are concentrated on bitcoin, shall be really very careful if they don’t want to put their money at risk.

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