Binance Is Launching a Decentralized Trading Platform

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange, but it understands, that, in order to keep the leading positions, one must be advancing. That is why, it has announced about the launch of own decentralized trading platform. Binance believes, that both centralized and decentralized trading platforms will peacefully coexist in the nearest future.

The Binance Chain will be used for trading bitcoin. This will not only bring some advantages to users, but to the exchange itself, by transforming it into a real community.

The new platform will be providing as well services connected with the native Binance coin, BNB, which will be used as an internal coin of the exchange.

Decentralized exchanges provide much higher safety level than their centralized colleagues, but they are still complicated to use for beginners. Though, they are in the process of developing, and Binance example shows that.

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