Binance Offers Crypto-Fiat Trading via Malta Based Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange announced about its plans to open a crypto-fiat trading option this year. This service will be provided through a Malta-based exchange.
For now, Binance is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume per 24 hours. However, Binance representatives still insist, that Binance is a pure cryptocurrency exchange. What`s the matter then? Why such contradistions?
There is no secret though. Fiat trading will be offered in a separate platform, not in the main exchange platform. The main Binance platform will be used purely for cryptocurrency trading.
Most likely, Binance-Malta is going to provide sryptocurrency-fiat trading with the currency pair Bitcoin-Euro, and further, will add other currency pairs that may be useful and interesting for traders.
Let`s remind that Binance received a warning from a Japanese regulator, that is why, the decision was made to open a subsidiary company in Malta. Moreover, there are plans to expand fiat-crypto trading services to Uganda.

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