Binance Works Again

Binance resumes servicing its customers. On the 3rd of July, Binance has announced, that it suspends all trading and withdrawals. The reason for the strange announcement was an alert that some API users submitted over irregular Syscoin.

So, the exchange preferred to close all trading operations while the issue has been investigated.

Syscoin has notified as well about the strange things that were happening on the Syscoin blockchain, and asked to stop all transactions and operations till the issue is solved.

Later however Syscoin twitted, that even though there was observer an atypical trading behavior and atypical blockchain activity, but the developers didn’t find anything odd or suspicious in the system, so, exchanges were asked to continue with the usual trading activities.

The details of the issue aren’t disclosed, however, it is known, that syscoin trading volume hit the top lines in Binance and become the top traded coin. That’s why, the cryptoexchange has decided, to stop all activities with the coin till all becomes clear.

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