Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin – Just one Has Future

Bitcoin cash has to replace bitcoin within the next 6 months – this announcement has been made recently as Bitcoin Classic has confirmed its shutting down. The release manager Tom Zander greeted the bitcoin cash and commented that classic bitcoin has fulfilled its promise and hence, its function, bitcoin cash is on the way to market.
Now all is up to people who will or will not start using the bitcoin cash, as well as it is up to people if they will call bitcoin cash just bitcoin.
Bitcoin meanwhile has gone a way of achievement reaching the highest price in November, actually, much higher than anybody could have forecasted.
After the failure of SegWit2x, bitcoin has gained in importance, as investors are now not distracted to the parallel fork but concentrated on bitcoin and its new alternative, bitcoin cash. If two alternatives will exist side by side or one of them prevails, now just the market has to decide.

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