Bitcoin Causes Exchanges Failure – Decentralized Exchanges are Needed

Bitcoin price growth puts under pressure all that is connected with crypto-money, especially cryptocurrency exchanges. The huge raises in the volume in such exchanges like, say, GDAX, those that work with cryptocurrencies, causes them exchanges to fail – they simply couldn’t handle the pressure.
Looks like volume increase shall be a good push for exchange development, but no, the exchanges simply did not manage the demand and couldn’t provide the right and reliable quotes.
The fact showed that the crypto exchanges are still to immature to handle the growing needs of customers. To avoid further problems, an immediate and new solution is needed.
Yes, we may agree that all financial systems in the entire world can suffer failures and are rather vulnerable. Though in case with cryptocurrencies, the exchanges and the financial systems that handle them are handling with huge volumes but are the same vulnerable. The solution looks like to be in decentralized exchanges, when their time comes, and if it comes. Though, the market already requires them.

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