Bitcoin Consolidation Around 8000 USD, then – Again Up

Where bitcoin would finally stop in its price rally? While investors are wondering, the bitcoin price is growing. Just during some weeks the bitcoin price grew to 5000, then to 6000, then to 7000 dollars, but it is expected to grow more, much more.
According to Goldman Sax, we can expect the consolidation at the level of 8000 USD.
Analysts predict, that market is showing an enormous trend, though it shall stop somewhere for a while, and this “while” is expected to be at the mark 8000 USD, where bitcoin will be consolidated.
Analysts from Golden Sax believe that there will be five waves of growth of bitcoin, three of them have already passed, but two are still on the way – after the consolidation bitcoin will continue its growth.
The price of 8000 USD is double from the price that was predicted just some months ago, this immense increase was possible due to many factors, such as government policy, hard forks, etc.


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