Bitcoin Core Version 0.16.1 Released

The major version of bitcoin, 0.16.1, is released. This is a great news for all who work with bitcoin or in any manner is connected with this cryptocurrency, as this version contains new features and performance as well as security improvements.
One more thing is important: this version removed the miner bitcoin size. It means, that now, there are no limitations for miners block size, as it was in the version 0.15.1.
Now, if the miners want to limit the weight of their blocks, they shall apply the blockmaxweight option, not the blockmaxsize option.
So, the update has affected the wallets that have been released at the end of /February and later. Moreover, there is a full support provided for the SegWit technology. In general, the new version is released with the intension to reduce the transaction time and the transfer fees, and in general, to make the bitcoin experience easier and more pleasant.

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