Bitcoin is a Fraudster, but It Can Bring Money

JP MORGAN`s CEO believes bitcoin is nothing but a fraud, but he doesn’t mind getting some profit from “stupid investors”. That is why JP Morgan is going to include bitcoin future contracts trading into its services. This would facilitate trading with bitcoin and, probably make it more secure – this could be the common opinion if not the misbelief of the CEO.
According to Bloomberg, JP Morgan is the second futures commission merchant in the market, hence, introducing of bitcoin futures could become a huge step forward for the cryptocurrency as well. It would mean a shorter way to trade for investors, and some even believe that bitcoin futures trading would bring bitcoin to the regulated mainstream as well.
Jamie Dimon though, JP Morgan`s CEO, claimed though, that bitcoin is nothing but a fraud. Then, what is behind the bitcoin future? Nothing than a wish to earn some money from those stupid investors who still believe in bitcoin, as Dimon claims. Is that the truth though? Implications are staying implications, but the fact is clear: with bitcoin futures trading, bitcoin will grow in popularity and in price as well.


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