Bitcoin Gold, or Another Split of Blockchain

To all who owns bitcoins, guys, very soon you will be able to get a new kind of cryptocurrencybitcoin gold.
The project is aimed to improve the technology of bitcoin, and is going to change all in August through a common process called a “hard fork”.
Maybe you remember when bitcoin was launched, many people simply didn’t believe in the idea, as they thought it would be crazy to invest dollars into something that came from the air. Now though, opinions have changed. The same story may seem to be with bitcoin gold – how to exchange the cryptocurrency the value of which is growing to something that comes from pure air as well? nevertheless, many industry analytics expect different reactions: increase of purchases of bitcoin gold immediately after the launching of the new protocol.
Then, what is bitcoin gold and what is it for?
When we speak about bitcoin gold we know that:
– Bitcoin gold has to change the work principle of mining, so that the most powerful mining machines will not be used anymore;
– More and more people will be attracted to the system over time, it means, less and less large companies will stay in the game, hence, bitcoin will come in masses.
All in all, bitcoin gold has to make bitcoin decentralized again, this is the main idea of the new trend.


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