Bitcoin Is a Scam – Insists One of Paypal Co-Founders

Bill Harris, one of Paypal co-founders and its former CEO, has written an opinion about bitcoin, where he insists, that bitcoin is a scam. He targeted bitcoin from three sides, all if which shall prove, that the famous cryptocurrency is nothing but scam. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, is useless as means of payment and is too volatile to be reliable in any way.
Moreover, he accentuates criminal use of cryptocurrency. This is the most reliable way to break any law, he insists, and escape without punishment. Harris though neglects many things that make cryptocurrencies rather attractive in many other regards, such as decentralization, for example, their independence on countries and policies. As well, Harris could not forecast the Paypal success and was ousted of his role as CEO. Hence, his statements are very doubtful.

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