Bitcoin Is the Greatest Bubble in the History – Media Hype Believes

Media again called bitcoin a “bubble”, and compared it to Dutch tulips and gold. Those aren’t bubbles, of course.
Bank of Amerika has tracked the history of the biggest bubbles in the stock market. In the list you can find such bubbles like gold, tulips, the Mississippi Company, the South Sea Company, – more than 1929 assets from which bitcoin is the most valuable one and the biggest bubble of course.
Though, when you take market capitalization, then, bitcoin is nothing to compare with. Then, there may be opinions that cryptocurrency is meant to be used instead of traditional currencies, with bubbles of physical commodities and traditional financial markets.
The media has constantly reporting about bitcoin death, but for now, the bubble is still very well alive and feeling quite fine.
For now bitcoin has died more than 200 times, according to the media, even though now it costs around 7,000 USD per coin, which is a very good price for a dead coin.

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