Bitcoin-platforms Toko Bitcoin and Bytpayer will stop working in Indonesia

The Indonesian Toko Bitcoin and Bitpayer platforms are closing down.
Such a decision was made by the management of the companies after the central bank of the country refused to recognize bikkoy as a means of payment.

Bitpayer will stop working on November 1. The company appealed to clients with a request to withdraw funds from the platform accounts before the beginning of November.
Toko Bitcoin, which previously allowed to buy a prepaid phone or a voucher for electricity for bitcoins, stopped accepting crypto-currencies.
The head of the crypto-currency exchange of Indonesia stressed that the decision to close the two platforms was taken by the site managers themselves.
The Indonesian authorities are still only developing laws that allow the regulation of the turnover of the Crypto-currency.

“There have been any direct requests from the Bank of Indonesia to Bitcoin Indonesia to close down these two websites.”

This confirms the position promulgated by the Bank of Indonesia in February 2014, which states that “bitcoin and other digital currency are not valid currency or payment instruments in Indonesia.”

According to Cryptocompare, now the volume of operations of the Indonesian crypto-currency market is 0.18% of the global trading volume.

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