Bitcoin Price Grows Above 8,000USD!

Bitcoin price grew to 8,000USD level, and this is not the end yet. Just some time ago, after the main threat for bitcoin, SegWit2x failed, bitcoin price surged from 7,200USD to 7,800USD. Just a few days after that though bitcoin dropped to 5,500USD, while bitcoin cash grew from 600USD to 2,600USD. Right at that moment, many bitcoins were exchanged to bitcoin cash, this, in turn, made the fees grow enormously.
Though, the bitcoin cash start time hasn’t lasted long. After it dropped in price, bitcoin miners started returning to bitcoin, hence, the digital coin price started growing. though, scalability and regulation issues are still unsolved.
What to expect from bitcoin in the nearest future though? The price for one digital coin is moving around 8,000 USD for now. It is possible that it may start falling, though if it manages to break this level, it can grow up to the moon!

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