Bitcoin Price Stopped Growing!

After passing the 15,000USD benchmark, bitcoin price continued growing and some exchanges were wondering when this cryptocurrency monster will pass the level of 19,000USD. Though, the rally stopped. Just little bit was to make to reach 19,000USD, but the growth stopped and even more, bitcoin started dropping in price. The price stabilized at 14,470USD, which shows about 14% of decrease.
This is not a problem for such a giant as bitcoin is, but investors may be wondering: what is the next?
Well, there are options. Bitcoin may continue growing, which is not surprising, as this digital coin brought many surprises already.
If investors continue trusting in bitcoin, the growth may continue. Though, most likely, after such immense growth and similarly immense drop, most of investors would want to cash those coins that they have, till the digital coin hasn’t dropped to a lower level. This may lead to further rice drop.

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