Bitcoin Price Will Grow

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) announced about its plans to add the most popular cryptocurrency, the bitcoin, to its futures trading. After the announcement, bitcoin immediately jumped in price reaching 7500 USD. Though, the SegWit cancellation led to a slow down of this increasingly bullish movement, as investors and potential investors have been scared away by this cancellation.
Mark Yusko though, the founder and the CEO of CME, believes in bitcoin. According to his forecasts, the coin price would easily reach 400 000 USD, hence, the cryptocurrency has a good future.
If the investing guru has bitcoins? Sure he does! He has bought some digital coins back in 2011, and now regretting that hasn’t bought more, as they could have brought him a fortune, but what is done is done, and what is not done, is not done.
About the contradictory opinions about bitcoin he responds very simply: sure all the bankers and investors are against it, as it is a really disruptive technology.
Yes, bitcoin or other cryptocurrency may change the financial system in principle, the only question is how and when.

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