Bitcoin Reached the Lowest Price since November 2017

February 2: today, bitcoin price dropped to 8,000USD, the lowest value since November previous year. Pressure on cryptocurrency market has had its effects, cryptocoins are sold in huge amounts, their prices drop.
Some analytics believe that the price stops dropping at 7,500 USD though some insist it would continue lowering till 7,000 USD. Then, most likely, there will be a reverse movement, and bitcoin will start growing.
Other altcoins also are not in the best situation. Most of them are losing more than 50% of their value, which is even more than the bitcoin does.
In general, cryptocurrency market god shed for more than 100 bln USD during one day, since yesterday. South Korean government plans to introduce a legislation in cryptocurrency seem to be not interesting for investors, while negative attitude from the side of India has caused a significant reduction of market share and a huge drop in prices of cryptocurrency.

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