Bitcoin Tested 10,000USD Resistance Level: 37 bln USD Wiped Off Cryptomarkets

Bitcoin tested the 10,000 usd resistance level on the 6th of May. This couldn’t leave without an effect the entire cryptocurrency market. Total market capitalization dropped to 429 bln USD. Almost all coins are in red, except the most popular ones. Bitcoin is traded at 9,226 USD, which is 3% lower over the last 24 hours period.
On Saturday, bitcoin was traded at 9,900USD, which is the highest meaning for the recent days. Then, the value dropped till 9,500 USD support level and, finally, the coin continued falling.
The situation with Ethereum is not too much promising, as well. The coin is traded at 703USD, which is 8% lower over the last 24 hours period. These days, shall be held a meeting about the possible security classification for Ether, maybe, its results will change the situation.
BitcoinCash also has faced correction. Especially noticeable this is on the background of significant gains of this week. Now, the coin is traded at 1,617USD per coin, which is 5% lower over the last 24 hours period.
Following the news, Goldman Sachs is going to open a crypto trading desk, this was the main reason for the cryptocurrency growth in price. Though, public interest to cryptocurrency declined, which resulted in less bitcoin Google searches and low growth of cryptowallet.

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