Bitcoin Transaction May Cause Trouble

Bradley Anthony Stetkiw knows that from his own experience. He has been providing brokerage services with bitcoin transactions, those were worth hundreds of thousands of USD. Though, the man has never cared of an appropriate license.
He has been using his website and was meeting with the potential buyers in a restaurant. Rather unsecure, though, the business was running and up.
Federal Agents used a very old though efficient model – they contacted Bradley with a request for his services – they supposedly wanted to purchase bitcoins for total of 55 000 USD. They have met the gentleman several times, to make sure he is offering the brokerage services even without the presence of legal officials. Only after making sure that the man was performing activity that shall be licensed, they arrested him.
This incident shows that bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is still poorly regulated and leaves a huge space for scam and illegal actions, like in this case – brokerage. As well it shows that, even though many states are willing to accept he cryptocurrency, are still afraid of such major changes.

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