Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin2x – Will that Happen?

Segwit2x is the event that is going to influence this November for the cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Bitcoin value has increased significantly during just last some months, it is becoming increasingly accepted and popular by financial systems & bodies around the world, though, despite these pleasant facts, Segwit2x is something that implies rather contested future, if not a direct threat, for the most popular cryptocurrency.
Segwit2x is a new code proposal, that is going to put bitcoin to the test.
Why so?
Segwit2x has already got significant support from miners and investors, and how it would work, whether to change the bitcoin code or to create a completely new currency, nobody knows. As well nobody knows if the new currency will be all free money or not. Cryptocurrency is an unexplored territory, hence, full of surprises and unexpected moments.
Segwit2x – what it is?
It is a proposal reached between some interested parties, that could change bitcoin technology, though might not change it as well. basically, Segwit2x is something that we haven’t seen before, a completely new technology, and for now, nobody knows how it would work.

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