Bitcoint Strengthens Its Positions

Since two months, there have been observed changes in the world of cryptocurrencies. The strongest one was Ethereum, it even overrode bitcoin, traditionally the strongest and the most popular cryptocurrency. Other digital coins were growing in value as well, already posing a danger to the famous bitcoin.

Even though bitcoin still has been the most expensive cryptocurrency, many analysts started believing that it needs an upgrade, as it is going to lose its value otherwise. Though developers and miners, even they saw this need, couldn’t come to a solution. That is why investors preferred to stay aside and to wait for the situation development. Meanwhile, altcoins were gaining both market share and the attention of investors.

July should have been the month when bitcoin should have lost its positions ultimately, but instead, it recovered. In August the oldest and the most famous cryptocurrency not just recovered its positions, but grew in value to record 3200 USD for the first time.

Hence, even though there was a quick growth of altcoin popularity, bitcoin still will stay the most expensive and the most loved cryptocurrency.


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