Bitfinex’s Funds Are Partially Recovered

The law enforcement of the United States returned to Bitfinex the stolen 140,000 USD. However, this is just a very insignificant part of the funds stolen from the exchange back in August 2016. The total sum of the stolen funds is around 120,000 BTC, while the law enforcement returned just 27,7 bitcoins. So, speaking even about a partial refund is not reasonable yet. Yeh, from about 72,000,000 USD stolen just 140,000 are returned.
The exchange generalized all losses in all accounts and credited them in BFX tokens. The customers could redeem each stolen BFX for one dollar. The holders also were receiving Recovery Right Token, and BFX tokens were destroyed upon the receipt of RRT.
Now, the tokens are converted to USD and refunded to RRT holders.
Bitfinex was once informed, that the USA government got the access to the funds stolen in the hack. And since 2019, the Bitfinex community has experienced already one large-scale attack on the exchange.
Bitfinex was not the only exchange that was hacked. The New Zealand exchange Cryptopia is still compromised by hackers, who have stolen 3.2 Mln USD. The exchange is allowed to trade now, however, it doesn’t hurry to start all operations.
Also a similar story happened to Coincheck, which lost 520 mln USD in January 2018. Just now, the platform has resumed NEM token trading after major restructuring measures taken to protect the funds.

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