Bithumb, a South Korean Exchange, Is Going to Issue Own Token in Singapore

Bithumb is the leading exchange in South Korea, and now, it has revealed its plans to launch own token. The token sale will be conducted not in South Korea but Singapore, as ICOs are still banned in South Korea. Bethumb reported as well that it is mostly oriented on big investors rather than individuals. It is still not clear when the coin is going to be released.
Bethumb is the first exchange that will have own token. For now, a Chinese cryptoexchange was the one that announced about the similar plans, but for now, those are nothing more but plans.
South Korean`s Financial Services Commission announced a ban on ICOs and related services in September 2017. This measure was connected with the increasing number of scams. The regulatory body is still skeptical about ICOs, even though some companies are trying to implement such security measures like Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Systems.

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