Blockchain Announces a New Version of its Bitcoin Lightning Software

Blockchain has introduced new improvements to its Bitcoin c-lightning software. The new version represents the most significant upgrade to this existing code repository in the last eight months. This release, c-lightning 0.7, will make it easier for developers to create their own features into the off-chain Bitcoin scalability software solution (i.e., Lightning Network).
Currently, many regard Lightning Network (LN) as the most viable solution to use Bitcoin in payments. LN, however, is still under development. The newly released version of c-lightning includes a good number of upgrades. The most notable of all is the support of plugins.
The use of plugins, which can be written in the C, Go or Python programming languages, will facilitate the building of customized features into the payment system. It is expected that as a result, the implementation of LN will be much more flexible and customizable.
In fact, some developers have already created LN apps to perform Bitcoin payments for games and even pizza! The new version of c-lightning provides an interface to add customized apps, which can be monitoring tools, for instance.
However, the possibilities are infinite! This flexibility makes c-lightning to stand out among other LN implementations. Besides the support of plugins, c-lightning 0.7 includes a variety of bug fixes, better performance, enhanced privacy, and more comprehensive documentation.

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