Blockchain for Digital Trust Creation? Why not?

Christmas is coming and with it the pleasant hassle in search for presents for the closest people. But just imagine that you can give them something very special? Something that will be increased when they share?
Well sharing is caring as we say. We would share things, especially valuable things, with the closest friends only. But just for a second, imagine that this circle of close friends increased to around a million of persons? And you can share with all of them, with all confidence, with which you could share something with your closest friend?
The Rexpax system is using blockchain technology to enable users share things. The driving force of the platform is Rexx, the proprietary currency. The idea is that the more you share, the more you earn. The system is designed with the idea in mind that users share things, with all trust, and even monetize this. Like this, with the blockchain technology, friendship and trust is built.

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