Adds Ethereum is an online cryptocurrency wallet, one of those few who work with digital currency. Recently, added Ethereum, one of the most popular currencies, to its portfolio.

Ethereum was launched in 2011 and since then it is a constant competitor to the most expensive and popular digital currency in the world, bitcoin. was one of the first online wallets who have been supporting the main bitcoin principles while providing innovation – it was the first service of this kind that has started providing bank-like services while respecting the privacy of the clients who have been working with bitcoin. The first aspect sounds rather strange, as bitcoin was known to opposing itself to the bank system and banking in principle.

The availability and the wide range of bitcoin operations made one of the biggest wallets, and that is why the user opinion should have been considered. Hence, after collecting the feedback of users, the decision was made to integrate Ethereum in the service range of, as this cryptocurrency is growing in its reliability and popularity.

Not all services with Ethereum are available yet, but is developing its capabilities and is striving to serve its users in the best possible way.

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