Blockchain in Service Industry – Needed or Not?

Service industry isn’t managing to develop with the growing need in it. moreover, the service industry even isn’t making too many efforts to keep up-to-date. Though, there are still things to be done about it.
Financial reasons: it is not so simple to find money either to start the business or to grow the existing one. Loans are not always available as well.
Staff: finding a high qualified staff isn’t easy as well, especially considering that service industry isn’t the best paid one.
Information is needed as well to develop any business so that it manages to develop properly.
Blockchain may be the solution though.
Blockchain is the place where all information is stored. That would definitely simplify getting the information about hotels, services, and for the hotels, in turn, that would simplify the tracking of clients and their feedback. Booking and rental information will be updated in real time mode, reputation of any service, place, staff would be checked easily as well. Payments would become simpler as well, and the fees would become lower.
Restaurants would be able to track their suppliers and clients, with the corresponding feedback. Blockchain technology would simplify car rental due to simpler and faster communication between clients and providers.
E-commerce is though the field where the Blockchain would be the most profitable, as e-commerce is about trading in the all world, hence, blockchain would move this business on a completely new level.

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