Brave, a Blockchain Browser, Files Complaints Against Google

The Brave browser was developed by the Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, and now, the browser developers filed a number of complaints against Google. The complaints are filed in Ireland and Britain.

Brave is an open source browser powered by blockchain. The browser locks website trackers and ads. Basically, the main target of the developers was to improve the online privacy. There was an intention to share less sensitive data with advertisers to enable them track customer browsing behavior.

Now, the company claims that Google uses a very dirty advertising practice, by breaching most provisions of data protection legislation.

Further the company explains that when a user visits a website, hundreds of companies get his data without making the user aware that this happens.

This is the breach against the European General Data Protection Regulation, and this will require investigation of the proper bodies into the Google police and taking further measures.


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