Canadian Platform Is Going to Become a Major Exchange

Despite issues that the cryptomarket has been facing since 2018, CoinField, a Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange, doesn’t lose its optimism. The platform is going to make the market cheaper and more assessible not only for big, but as well for smaller investors.

Moreover, the platform is going to introduce the crypto-market to new users and investors not only in Canada, but almost in the whole world. The exchange has declared about its intention to become the biggest crypto-currency exchange in the world. The company already operates in 101 country, but is planning to expand more in 2019, as well, it plans to include the USA in the number of countries where it operates.

CoinField was launched in 2018 by Central Crypto Exchange Corp. Since then, the platform has provided both advanced and simplified dashboards for trading. So, both beginners and professional traders can take advantage from trading. Real-time order books, charting tools, real time trading history, advanced limit and stop orders are some more advantages that make the platform so popular. As well, as the developer claim, the user-friendly trading process turns a beginner into a profi within one day.

For now, the exchange works with Canadian and the US dollars, the British sterling, Japanese yen and UAE dirham. Deposit and withdrawal options are pleasant as well, users can really select whatever they prefer and whatever is available in their countries. So, the intentions of the crypto-exchange to become the biggest one in the world have a serious foundation.

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