Car-to-Car Crypto Communications – a New Offer from Ford for Traffic Marshalling System

Ford, an American car manufacturer, has filed a patent for a new communication method based on the principle “vehicle-to-vehicle”. The new model is going to use tokens to make the traffic flow simpler to track. The patent application is filed yesterday, on the 17th of March.

As the developers explain, traffic congestions are usually caused by people, who have their preferences when they use their cars at a particular time period. Though, the new system, a “Cooperatively Managed Merge and Pass System (CMMP)”, will work around those personal preferences and build up the traffic pattern based on other principles.

For example, if one car takes slower lanes, it will get more tokens as a compensation for the sacrifice. If the driver is though being late, he can take a faster lane, by paying for that with tokens.

Earlier this year, another car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz started rewarding drivers with tokens for ecological driving. So, the trend is being developed.

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