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Ripple Surprise – XRP Increases in Value for 30%

The price of ripple has risen for 30% just during little bit more than a week. This was caused mostly by the growth of RippleNet, the network of the startup enterprise. Moreover, the next week is expected a “Swell” conference of the company, during which the company is supposed to make an important announcement, which

10 000 USD for a Bitcoin – How Realistic It Is?

Michael Novogratz, a billionaire private investor and a former Wall Street giant, is very optimistic about bitcoin future. According to his forecast, within maximum 6-9 months, the price of one bitcoin will reach 10 000 USD, maybe that’s why he is launching now a 500 mln USD worth cryptofund. 150 mln of USD he has

Bitcoin New High $5k

Bitcoin bears may have had the high ground in their battle with the bulls on Tuesday, in spite of the fact that the positive price activity seen today recommends the cryptocurrency is still on the chase for $5,000 (record-breaking high) levels. The bitcoin-U.S. dollar (BTC/USD) exchange rate timed a crisp five-week high of $4,925 on

Mastercard Is Against Bitcoin!

Mastercard CEO, Ajay Banga, has recently attacked in his statement bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them “nothing but junk”. That is quite understandable, as cryptocurrency is a serious disrupting factor in the modern financial world, as well as it could become a direct competitor to companies like Mastercard. Though, as Ajay Banga states, the things

Blockchain Will Have a User-Friendly Interface

Blockchain can be called the technology of future. Already now, it enables making transactions without intermediaries and offer quite a reliable and safe service. Though, more and more products have to be managed, and the number of transactions is growing with immense speed. Hence, the industry needs an interface. Blockchain offers exclusive services, though it

Future of Cryptocurrency – Will Bitcoin Keep Leadership?

Matthew Goetz, a cofounder of a digital currency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, compares cryptocurrency with the internet. Why so? Let us recall that in 1990 the internet still was unavailable for the most of users, while within some years it became an inseparable part of our lives. That was a disruptive technology, and investing in

Palestine Is Launching Own Cryptocurrency

Even though in the condition of a constant conflict, Palestine is still making efforts to manage the world advancements, this time with cryptocurrency. Or? Just another point of view… Cash costs money. Not all countries can have own currency, and they have to pay huge fees to use the currency of another country. Palestinians got