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Government of Crimea fired for bitcoin mining

Two IT laborers utilized by the government of Crimea were let go toward the end of last month after they were allegedly found mining bitcoins at work. RIA Novosti reports that the two anonymous people were workers of the Chamber of Priests of Crimea, some portion of the domain’s official branch. The news benefit demonstrates

Travel Agensy from Malta accept only Bitcoin Payments

In endeavors to grasp Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies, Gozo, Malta-based travel agency Bitcoin Undertakings has chosen to offer its customers bundle occasions that are paid solely with Bitcoin. The move has got its initial two sightseers starting at early October, Lovin Malta reports. In the agency’s limited time video, prime supporter Leon Siegmund said that

JPMorgan CEO claim bitcoin currency is ‘fraud’

CEO Jamie Dimon said he would terminate any representative exchanging bitcoin for being “idiotic,” anticipating the cryptocurrency will in the long run explode. JPMorgan Pursue and Co. CEO Jamie Dimon said he would terminate any worker exchanging bitcoin for being “doltish.” The cryptocurrency “won’t end well,” he told a financial specialist meeting in New York

Bitcoin and “MMM” – Opinion from Russia

Does bitcoin has future in Russia? Maxim Oreshkin, the Russian Minister of Economic Development doesn’t think so. Maxim Oreshkin, the Russian Minister of Economic Development, is warning investors against bitcoin and any other digital currency. In his opinion, bitcoin, as well as its competitors from the digital currency field, can be compared with such fraud,

Bitcoin is Dependant on Japan?

The midterm trend of bitcoin is dependent on Japan  – this is the common opinion. But how far it is the truth? As it is already known, China exited the cryptocurrency market by banning all cryptocurrency operations on its territory. This allowed Japan and South Korea become the biggest cryptocurrency exchange markets. Now, 56% of

Goldmand Sachs and Bitcoin: Truth and Invention

Goldman Sachs, a giant in Wall Street investment activities, has been considering whether to include bitcoin as a currency for its operations, or it is rather too early to do so. The CEO of the investment giant has spoken about bitcoin in a very neutral tone. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO, explains, that he neither

Bitcoin Price Is Growing

Bitcoin continues growing in value. This weekend rally stopped by reaching the record 4 470 USD per one bitcoin. Investors have expected changes in bitcoin price after the regulation on cryptocurrency was accepted in China and South Korea, though the main cryptocurrency looks like to have already digested the accepted regulations. Technical charts do not

First Official State Cryptocurrency in Dubai is emCash

The government of Dubai has uncovered points of interest of its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency, called emCash. In significant news leaving the UAE, the government of the city of Dubai will create and execute emCash, a scrambled blockchain-controlled computerized currency that will empower subjects to pay for government and non-government benefits alike. The computerized currency will