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US regulator : Cryptocurrencies is the Risk for Credit Union

The US federal agency that manages the nation’s credit union industry incorporated a comment on the conceivable risks and advantages of cryptocurrencies in a recently discharged procedure design. Distributed yesterday, the 2018-2022 Draft Methodology Design to a great extent concentrates on the financial patterns that will shape US credit unions, and in addition the arrangement

Federal Reserve and Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve in the USA has a huge influence on the national economy. Some analytics expressed their fear that the raise and the growth in popularity of cryptocurrency would greatly influence the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve of the USA, and this, in turn, would influence the economy of the country. The President

Cryptocurrency Exchange Licenses in Japan

China and South Korea do all possible to avoid cryptocurrency spreading, at least on their territory. Japan though, as it has been expected, is more advanced in this sense. The Japanese Financial Service Agency approved 11 companies for cryptocurrency operating in the country. For now, operating cryptocurrencies is possible without licensing, though the representatives on

Will Amazon Accept Bitcoin?

There were rumours, that Amazon is going to accept bitcoin as one of the payment currencies, moreover, that this will happen in October this year. Yep, that would change many things, for bitcoin as well. We would admit that the company has good financial reasons for adding this cryptocurrency in its list, though the representatives Adds Ethereum is an online cryptocurrency wallet, one of those few who work with digital currency. Recently, added Ethereum, one of the most popular currencies, to its portfolio. Ethereum was launched in 2011 and since then it is a constant competitor to the most expensive and popular digital currency in the world, bitcoin. was

Bitcoint Strengthens Its Positions

Since two months, there have been observed changes in the world of cryptocurrencies. The strongest one was Ethereum, it even overrode bitcoin, traditionally the strongest and the most popular cryptocurrency. Other digital coins were growing in value as well, already posing a danger to the famous bitcoin. Even though bitcoin still has been the most

Moscow Exchange and Cryptotrading

Moscow Exchange is going to introduce trading with cryptocurrency. This step is rather logical than surprising though, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing and they aren’t considered as something fictional anymore. Now, Moscow Exchange is preparing a base for that – developing a platform that will allow people trade with cryptocurrencies. There will be