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Token in Simple Words

Cryptocurrency and Token – Differences Cryptocurrency is a kind of a puzzle for those who do not know the topic very well. The blockchain, their technology, doesn’t help to understand the cryptocurrencies, as it is all about computing language and complicated terminology. That is why, many are interested in cryptocurrency, but not many can start

What is Smart Contract in Simple Words

The blockchain has changed many fields of life, including the financial field. The blockchain is decentralized, it doesn’t need intermediaries. Fees for transactions inside of the blockchain are very low comparing to other systems. Blockchain has its issues but they are so insignificant comparing to its advantages, that is why the network attracts attention of

What is Ethereum? Ethereum in Simple Words

Ethereum is the second popular cryptocurrency in the world, after bitcoin. If Ethereum can be called a currency. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency itself, it allows many other cryptocurrencies be developed and exist. Though, some more words about what Ethereum is, how it works and why we may need it. Ethereum and Bitcoin: Similar

Mining in Simple Words

When it comes to traditional money, as soon as the government of the country needs money, it prints more money. As simple as that, ideally, money shall be backed up by some assets, like gold, silver, etc., but it is not always the case. Though we know that money and trust it. The story is

What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency. It means that it is created digitally, managed digitally, etc. – all about crypto-space. This cryptocurrency is decentralized, it means that nothing and nobody can control it. Bitcoin is not printed or otherwise is created in a physical form. They are produced, or mined by people all around world.