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Blockchain Technology in Simple Words

Blockchain Technology – the New Internet? The blockchain is a great inventio, which can be not just used in all fields of life, but to change the way the human world functions. This is the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, a person or a group of people, somebody that is a mystery till now. Initially, it

What Is a Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, or digital currency is an exchange medium. It uses some tools, such as cryptography, for transactions securing and their verification. Cryptography used as well to control the process of creation of new units of some kind of cryptocurrency. Basically, cryptocurrency is nothing but a software, or an entry in the database that cannot be

Warren Buffett warned of the danger of bitcoin

Bitcoin is a real bubble. This was stated by one of the most influential investors of the planet Warren Buffett, reports Marketwatch. In the course of the conversation, the speech about bitcoin also came up. And the impressive growth in the price and capitalization of the first billionaires’ crypto currency is not impressive. “People get